About Us
Misty Woods is a working fiber farm where we have alpaca, angora goats, several breeds of sheep, and angora rabbits to provide a variety of fiber and fleece. We also have, at any given time, an assortment of horses, donkeys, calves, chickens, ducks and geese. Of course, we have a few milk goats, "my girls" that contribute to the soap and lotion production.

The soap and lotion business began as a lark. I made gifts for the family and products for my own use after chemotherapy and radiation. My daughterts shared their gifts with friends at college and I began to share the products with others looking for natural ingredients. Misty Woods Products were born. 

I hope you enjoy my products. I am continually trying to improve and expand my product line. Feel free to email me with comments and requests. "My girls" and I would love to hear from you.